San Lorenzo

Spain, 250 d. C.

Vincenzo, we have to go to prepare for Mass. And now.

It's true. Incidentally today should arrive Pope Sixtus II.

Soon after…

Look good youngsters! What's your name?

I Lorenzo.

And I Vincenzo.

And what are you doing here in the church?

We help. Then, when there is need, We also help bring food to the poor and needy.

You are good! Then you could become deacons.

I would love to become.

Me too.

He will become. But it must take one step at a time.

In fact, after a while’ years of Lorenzo and Vincenzo become deacons…

How beautiful! Now we are deacons, are servants. Yup, I look forward to getting to the poorest available.

Immediately after…

I must return to Rome.

Holiness, allow to go with you.

If you want it, all right. Look but tomorrow we.

So Lorenzo follows Pope Sixtus II in Rome. But at some point broke the terrible persecution of Emperor Valerian against Christians…

He loves the emperor.


Look, if you do not end up with the severed head.

Ever and never!

Even Pope Sixtus II was arrested…

Apparently this is the head. Are you ready to worship the emperor?

For nothing. I will never do.

come with us. So you tell us also where you keep the treasure of the church.

Where are you going, or parent, without your son?

Lorenzo, I do not leave you alone. You will make a bigger battle than mine and you will have a glorious victory. In three days I will follow.

Holiness, if it is so, we will meet again at the end of the battle.

Of course, Lorenzo, I entrust the treasure of the church!

Pope Sixtus II was beheaded 7 August 258 d.C. Meanwhile Lorenzo acts as a deacon and his bag goes to distribute the assets to the poor…

second, he eats! Here, with this you never have a cold. Cecilio, Take this money and bring it to the Joachim family is so poor.

All right, Lorenzo.

Anita, Instead you go by the family of Agnes.

It will be done, Lorenzo.

Meanwhile the persecution continues…

Here's another Christian dirt. You have stew you and your God who died on the cross.

So even Lorenzo is arrested and brought before the emperor.

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